Target Style Shoot: Midcentury Woodland Holiday Party


If you could host your dream holiday party, what would it look like? Target recently asked me that very question, and these photos are my answer. My requirements? Foxes and squirrels. Pinecones and birchbark. All-you-can-eat chocolate fondue! (Okay. Chocolate fondue factors into pretty much all my dreams, holidays or not…) The sweetest part (pun intended) is that nearly everything to make this event happen came from a Target store.  


I had to be strategic; I'm a girl on a budget. But getting creative and thinking outside the sparkly box is half the fun. For example, I used a striped scarf as a table runner—and now that the party's over I've been wearing it non-stop. Instead of buying pricey flowers, I filled vases from Target's Nate Berkus collection with inexpensive curling ribbon. I hung glitter snowflake ornaments (two for a dollar!), covered the dessert table in wrapping paper (save the rest for gifts!) and fed my guests boxed cookies and chocolate chips melted with hot whipping cream (because that's all fondue is, really…) 


Of course a good fête isn't complete without company. For the pieces I didn't get at Target—the wood bowls, the fondue pot—my pals at Disregarden Rentals lent some vintage flair. Photography by The Why We Love captured the affair, and styling assistance from Rebecca Buenik and Cynthia Beard came very much in handy. Thanks to Target for helping me bring my vision to life!

P.S. These are just a small sampling of the photos. There are TONS more on The Sweetest Occasion, and I also shared my thoughts and inspiration behind the styling too—please go have a peek! 

  • Twillypop

    Stunning, Anne. From soup to nuts {to squirrels} STUNNING.XO

  • Jeanne

    I can recognize all the things here from Target… BUT the way you had put everything together is AMAZING! Very inspiring Anne, it’s the perfect piece for The Sweetest Occasion!

  • lydia {ever ours}

    such a fun shoot!

  • Jackie

    so beautiful! you’ve gotta love Target.