A ban.do and Bash, Please Roller Skating Party

80's skating party

Remember on Monday I mentioned a roller skating party at which my glasses broke? Well, it wasn't just any skating party. It was the annual ban.do and Bash, Please holiday do. The spectacle smash was captured by Mr. Wade Koch, a member of the Shark Pig crew. And frankly, I couldn't have cared less about my glasses. I taped those babies back up and was back on the rink in no time. 

Might I add that there were pink fizzy libations from Pharmacie LA? With disco ball stir sticks? The gentlemen behind the bar always kindly make non-alcoholic options for teetotalers such as myself. I tip my skates to them. Take your laptop to the office bathroom and hide in a stall—you're gonna wanna watch this fun little ditty at least ten times in a row.
  • http://www.lovelyindeed.com Chelsea C.

    Ohmygosh. I love this! And bummer for your specs, but it kind of made you the star of the video (except for maybe the breakaway shirt moment at the end).

  • http://www.shopplanetblue.com elizabeth

    i want an invite next time

  • http://www.avantgardedesign.blogspot.com robin pulsifer

    anne that was super fun to watch! i would have been on my butt more than upright, but for cocktail stirrers with disco balls on the top? i’m would have attempted it 😉 happy friday!

  • http://denimandink.com Erin

    That looks like it was a BLAST! Love, love, love the video and the fact that the party was at a roller rink. We recently had a rollerskating birthday party and it was the best. Everyone had a great time and felt like they were 10 again.

  • http://Www.tomorrowtodayblog.com Rita

    Love this! Wade and Steve shot my wedding and are so, so good! I really want to get roller skates now!

  • Lauren

    The soundtrack is just so good! Do you know what it is? Thank you! X