New Year’s Reset: Juice Cleansing with Juice Shop

Juice shop san francisco juice cleanse

Let me preface this post by saying that I've started juice cleanses before, and I have never made it very far. The siren call of chewing has always lured me back to solid foods by the end of the first day. However I'm proud to say that this past week, against all holiday odds, I put down the cookies and the fudge, turned my back on the cider and the 'nog, and completed a three day cleanse from Juice Shop. The verdict? It. Was. Phenomenal.

Juice cleanse

The Juice Shop site lists some of the many reasons to do a juice cleanse, but for me it was simple. I'd strayed uncomfortably far down the path of seasonal indulgence, was craving sugar all the time, and wanted to press the reset button. "Why wait for January 1," I asked myself, "When I feel bloated and choc-o-fied now?'" By viewing the cleanse not as an arbitrary goal but as a bodily rejuvination, I gave my brain the motivation it needed to see the program through to the end. 

Chia juice

It wasn't easy. I set myself up for success, did the beginner level cleanse over a long weekend when I wasn't working, and even then it was a challenge. Yet by day two my skin was clearer. By day three I had more mental and physical energy than I've had in months. I kicked major butt at my favorite exericise class and have been reading and writing like it's going out of style. Now, four days after being allowed solids (ha, I sound like a toddler!) I'm actually still riding high on mostly juices, smoothies, and brothy soups. The truth? I want to do it again. 

If you're in the San Francisco area, Juice Shop is offering 15% off cleanses 3 days or longer. Enter the code reset2013 at checkout. And you know what? An intensive detox isn't for everyone—this was my fourth attempt at a cleanse! Change is about taking the steps you can, when you can take them. Even adding a daily green juice to your routine has amazing health benefits!

  • Lisa S

    I have been dying to try this one…how did they taste?!?!?!?

  • CourtneyPool

    Congratulations on a great 3-day juice cleanse! The more you do them, the better they feel!

  • joanna

    you are an inspiration. <3

  • Clare

    How is the juice cleanse going?? I did a fruit cleanse this summer…nothing really happened ! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wishing you a great 2013. Happiest of New Year’s!

  • rita

    congratulations! i actually find it harder to do juice cleanses on weekends/when i am not working – it’s easier to forget about eating meals during a busy work day than it is on a weekend when i’m typically home or out and about with friends! so your next one may be even easier!