Lately Loving: Layered, Moody Darks


I recently sold some old clothes at a secondhand store. The shopgirl summed up the pile of and black and grey castoffs with the comment, "You're not from around here, are you?" Indeed, even though I'm technically a California girl, I can't shake the East Coast upbringing or the post-college Brooklyn years from my aesthetic. Charcoal, onyx, ink, midnight—these are all just synonyms for 'happy' in my book.    


Because black isn't just black. It can be glossy or matte; it can be pebbled or smooth; it can be inviting or repellant to the touch; in fact, it can be all those things at once, and more. To anyone who claims black is boring, I say, the complexities of black fill it with infinite possibility. So do me a favor. The next time your sweetie asks, 'Do you really need another black sweater?' simply reply, 'Yes. I do. I'm shopping for infinite possibility.' 

P.S. The lovely Robin Baron of Robin Baron Design interviewed me today on her blog Simplifying Fabulous. Amongst others, I got to answer my all-time favorite question: "What century would you live in?" Find out here! Shopping Guide: The Wild Unknown Tarot, Joya Composition No. 6, Marbled Latte Mug, Hammered Steel Mushroom Lamp, Black Floral Lace Scarf. Images: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.    

  • Sean

    Looove black, right there with ya!

  • heather

    Sometimes I wonder what someone else might think if they peeked into my closet and noticed that most of my tops are black. I didn’t even notice until recently because there are so many ways to wear it! It’s easy to dress up or down, goes well with everything, and always looks classy. Go black, go.

  • Courtney

    I adore good use of color, but sometimes you just can’t beat some great dark neutrals with metals!

  • Debby

    Oh my, why not drop you stuff at my house?!

  • Decor Arts Now

    For me it’s gray — all shades. Can’t count how many articles of clothing I have in that color!!
    PS: I don’t mean to stalk but I am so psyched to be in your class at Alt!!

  • Jo Ann Simpson

    Love these, especially the dishes! Wondering if it is reflective of your mood though. I am still hoping to hear more about your move, why you are living alone….been there but it would be good to hear how other people cope or even not cope!

  • angela

    2 things:
    a.) i’m using that line next time i’m shopping with my sweetie.
    b.) so glad heidi introduced us at the lab event because i’m now addicted to this blog. sooo good.