Inspired By: Jessica Hische’s Wedding by Sugar and Fluff


I can't tear my eyes from the Brooklyn wedding reception of Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer. From the florals, invitations, and palette to the overall romantic gastropub sensibility, this is an event that will inspire entertaining and decorating and ideas for months to come. I'm already rethinking my approach to the Valentine's Day party I have on the books…


Of course it comes as no surprise, since the bride and groom are leaders in the graphic design industry—and their planners Sugar & Fluff are one of the most avant garde events and styling houses you can get your hands on. Keep your eyes on these guys. With their combined ambition and creative spirit, it won't be long 'til they're doing runway shows for Givenchy and Dior.     


But I digress. Here are my action items after oggling the wedding photos on 100 Layer Cake yesterday. I'm going to pull out my drapiest maxi skirt and wear it with tissue-thin tees, big knits, and gold necklaces. I'm going to think twice before I relegate that buttercream shade of yellow (even for roses!) to my 'tacky' pile. And I'm going to double up my handwriting practice post haste. There are Valentine's Day invitations to pen, after all!       

Images: 1, 3, 4, 6. Kristen Marie 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10. My style Pinterest.