In the Company of Friends

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I wasn't adept at making friends as a kid. My family moved around a lot, I was teased mercilessly for being brainy, and my parents weren't especially social so I wasn't inclined to be either. Now I am awed by the transformative power of friendship. Indeed, the support network I'd inadvertenly built in Los Angeles was a major factor in my move here last November. Somehow the universe had conspired to make the city my emotional hub without my even noticing it, and I thank the heavens every day.  


A moment of serendipity today anchored me more profoundly in my gratitude. One of the nicest things about living amongst friends is the spontaneity of chance meetings, the building of a physical community on top of my emotional one. This morning I met Ali for coffee at the same spot where Bonnie and Elizabeth happened already to be. We joined forces for two hours of cuddling Elizabeth's daughter Frankie while talking about work, life, love, ribbed-knit tights…the usual burning topics.   


What struck me most then—and I've been swimming in it ever since—was the deep well of knowledge at that table. The opportunities that we as friends have to learn from each other, just by doing life together, are astounding. There we were, four women, of four different ages, at four vastly different stages in our journeys, passing a three-month-old girl amongst ourselves. And what I wanted to tell Frankie, what she perhaps could sense me thinking as she chewed on my sleeve, was: "Little one, you are in the presence of Goddesses. Stick with us. We'll teach you everything you need to know."  

Tell me: Your friends—do they live close? Far? Are they as indespensible to you as mine are to me?

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  • Lesley Myrick

    I am honored to call you a new friend, my dear! My besties are all back in Canada, and it’s so nice to be connected with amazingly creative and talented gals like yourself here in LA. Having a strong community is so important. xo
    (PS. You are seriously friends with the coolest people. Everyone in the photos above is so unbelievably awesome!)

  • Melanie

    Anne, this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it! P.S. How did I miss that you moved to L.A.? Clearly I’m not being a very good stalker. xo

  • Shamila

    Sounds perfect. So therapeutic and fun! Friends become family when one moves a lot :-)

  • Kristen

    Really lovely post. When I moved to NY almost 7 years ago and knew nobody, it was hard to believe that I’d ever have the strong group of friends that I have now! From the friends who I dream big career dreams with to those who I can always count on for a good laugh, they are all such an important part of my life!

  • Whitney McGregor

    what a lovely post and a lucky baby girl. :) thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Ellyse Taylor

    The perfect post and thanks for sharing your views.

  • Naomi

    Wow, your post really resonated with me! As a kid, I moved around a lot too and found solace in books. I carried my solitude well into adulthood and it wasn’t until about five years ago that I started allowing myself to make deep friendships. Now that I have, I often wonder how I managed without the support!
    xo Naomi │ Be Ready Bravely

  • jill johnson

    i moved from ca to london a year ago…and for powers beyond me i have been tethered to this little island for the last 9 months, as i write this i am supposed to be on a jumbo jet heading for san francisco. but instead i am missing friends with a heartache i never wish on anyone. i am blessed to have a tribe of wonderful women that are keeping the light on for me, always.

  • joanna

    i think you know the answer, sister bear. <3 can’t wait to see you!

  • Inge

    Beautiful post! I wish I had a group of friends like that. I do have friends close by, but not ones that teach me or support me. It’s one of the things I miss most in life and an ongoing search.

  • erin

    anne, this is a really lovely piece. sometimes i feel like the opposite has happened to me: that moving from city to city has left me with fewer friends as i get older. here, a good reminder to nurture the friendships i do have. and cheers to goddesses, everywhere.

  • Samantha Hahn

    I love this post. Nothing better than being in the company of amazing women. Let’s meet up next time you are in NYC. XO.

  • Victoria Smith

    it’s so true anne. prepare yourself for serendipity every darn day. it happens more often than not i find. especially in this small world we seemed to have stumbled upon through the internet. cheers to that! xo

  • dervla @ The Curator

    for some reason, they weren’t as important in my 20s but now are becoming super important all over again in my 30s. Connecting with old ones and making new ones … i definitely feel a shift in my need for those relationships.

  • Josephine

    Girl, I am picking up everything you dropped on this post (apologies if that’s corny!). For most of my childhood and into adulthood, I didn’t have that many friends, or more to the point, I didn’t have people that I could trust and be vulnerable with. Now I have a solid group of friends that are trustworthy, supportive, and stable. It made me realize how lonely and isolated I was before and I didn’t even realize it. My friends have become my family, and I feel so lucky to have found them. They truly make me feel like a million bucks.

  • lydia {ever ours}

    you know that i’ve done my fair share of moving around. so yes, totally on the same page with this post. you already know i’m ore than happy to have you down here. you truly have been a great friend the past few months…i hope you know that.

  • Cori Magee

    I love this post so much! And I grew up so similar to you (not the brainy part, but the introvert part).
    Unfortunately, I can never be friends with Elizabeth… Francesca (Frankie) is the name I want if I ever have a daughter.
    See, I told you I was anti-social.

  • Rebecca via Sanctuary

    This brought a tear to my eye,

  • janika R

    Beautiful post. My friends are very far from me but are very close to my heart.

  • Julia

    I can’t get over how beautiful and poignant that last bit of your post was. She was in the midst of Godesses! I love it!

  • Jesse

    makes me realize how much i miss having my friends close by. enjoy those run ins and chance meetings; i long for that intimacy.