Key Piece for Spring: The Moto Jacket

Moto jacket for spring

I am a jacket hound. I have to store my outerwear collection in a separate closet because I can't resist a good blazer, trench, bomber, and the like. So I was thrilled to see that the third of InStyle's 5 Key Pieces for the season was a style I don't yet have: the moto. Not only does it pair brilliantly with the must-haves we've already covered in this series (the denim button-down and the printed silk pant), it toughens up even your tamest grocery store sweats.    


I'm super impressed with the range of moto jacket options out there this spring. Find everything from an investment-worthy black leather biker jacket to fanciful interpretations in linenrailroad stripe or pink quilting. Fits are equally varied, including draped, cropped, and boxy and borrowed-from-the-boys. Even the degree of hardware is at your discretion. A single zipper whispers, "I rented a scooter in Bermuda." Snaps, buckles, and a patch or two say, "My hog's parked around back."      

Spring fashion trend leather biker jacket

As diverse as the motos themselves are the ways to wear them. Keep one handy for giving edge to feminine outfits; they're especially good contrasted with a girly skirt and a nipped-in waist. Or go classic with jeans and a tee—perhaps try 'em with the pale denim that's hitting stores right now? Truth be told, I've yet to see a moto look I didn't love!  

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  • Erin

    i love the moto jacket- it’s so versatile and definitely a favorite! love the picks you have here and how you’ve paired them.

  • ginger from the style of being

    I. Need. Them. All.

  • Dee

    On my top five to buy list!