Would You Wear Overalls?


A great debate rages across the land. The fate of nations is upon us. By ‘the land’ I mean Twitter. And by ‘nations’ I mean my wardrobe. When overalls began their slow but steady march from the brink of style extinction a year ago, I swore I’d never repeat the mistake of my high school days (think bellbottomed coveralls and hang your head in woe for me). But images of today’s iterations have begun to chip away at my carefully constructed walls and I find resolve wearing thin.

How to style overalls

My friends Teal and Joanna have sworn to disown me if I purchase a pair. Indeed the ones I tried on recently didn’t do my childbearing hips any favors. The secret to overalls truly lies in the fit and in the styling—or in the not caring like you just walked in from sowing this year’s crop of sorghum. In the former two departments, look for narrow straps and a slim fit through the body and legs, and stick with tops like a basic white tee and a classic blazer.        


If you take the latter route and go whole hog with overalls’ agricultural origins (pun very much intended), I adore a pair of battered work boots and messy hair with these babies. For the purposes of this shopping board I used images from pricey designers, but I can’t in good conscience tell you to drop $300 on these babies when we know the trend will be over soon and we’ll all heartily regret participating in it. Hit your local vintage shop, don’t spend more than $100, and I’ll let you know if I decide to risk my girlfriends’ wrath and go for some overalls myself…

  • http://www.ressullsalvi.com Patricia Mera

    Yes, I would! I’m always stoked when this style comes back because overalls are so darn comfy! I like the idea of wearing them with some battered work boots and messy hair. I hope to get a pair of shortalls for Summer time.

  • http://www.lesleymyrick.com Lesley Myrick

    I used to have these super wide leg Silver overalls in highschool, and wore them with the straps down. (I used to tie a hot pink shoelace around my waist as a belt to hold them up!)
    Admittedly, I would TOTALLY wear overalls again.

  • http://beccamole.com becca

    Yes! I love them.
    Still looking for a proper-fitting pair that makes me look nice- but in the meantime I found a pair for $.50 and have been wearing them with a striped tee any chance I get.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/handsomeandprettywordpresscom Handsomeandpretty.wordpress.com

    100 and a million % yes! Of course! They are totally cool and look great on (especially that pic of girl in red t-shirt). Yes. Yes. And again we say yes!
    handsome and pretty xxx

  • http://www.adornonashoestring.com Chrystal

    I’m just not feeling it. I had a pair or two at the end of elementary school and part of high school, but I feel like I’ve moved on. My teenage daughter and my 9 year old love them, though.

  • Alex

    As a gay boy in high school I remember being so jealous of girls who had silver overalls, I thought they were so cute. But now in my out and proud adult life I’ve found a few pairs at thrift shops for $12! They pair really well with a pair of converse and a vintage tshirt. And no more platform tennis shoes from the late 90’s! LOL! If you look hard enough now you might be able to find them on ebay or thrift shops :)