Lisa Congdon Studio and Tattoos

Lisa congdon studio + tattoos

My wonderful friend Caroline of Woodnote Photography is quite brilliant. Like many brilliant people, she has several projects bubbling on the stove at any given time. Included in the creative feast is her ongoing portrait series entitled THink!, in which she captures tattoos spotted on her travels, then interviews the owners about their body art and the stories behind it. Her latest subject is artist and community leader Lisa Congdon, and oh boy is this good stuff!

Lisa congdon calligraphy tattoos

Lisa and Caroline chatted at Lisa's San Francisco studio. They talked ink, illustration, and inspiration, and of course about Lisa's Guardian Angel—her pup Wilfredo! I absolutely adore the words and images that came from this session, both of Lisa's tattoos and her work space. The chance to know more about Lisa through the art she has chosen to carry with her at all times is so rare and valuable.

Lisa congdon studio photos by woodnote photography

I encourage you to read the post and see all the photos over at the Woodnote Photography blog, but I wanted to share Lisa's reflections on her tattoos here because they hit me hard: "I think part of being human is figuring out how to express yourself in ways that feel authentic. We all do it in different ways. And tattoos are one form of expression…for many of us they are deeply personal, extremely important daily reminders of who we are, where we come from, who we have loved, where we have been, and who we aspire to be." Do you have any tattoos? I'd love to know!

Images: Woodnote Photography.

  • Ada (new york)

    Tats are def a beautiful expression of self; however … nope, no tattoos going on my lil body. Needle? Thump. Faint. Also, not a fan of the permanency of it (stick-on tats is more my game .. yes, I am a wild and crazy gal) :) Hubby completely different (arms tat w/polynesian design). I can def appreciate the beauty / art of them = like visiting an art galley without buying anything 😉 I loooove lisa’s drawing on brown paper. Colors POP so beautifully.