The Best White Shirt: Bella Dahl Button Down

Summer casual

In the hunt for wardrobe essentials, the perfect white button down has eluded me for years. Every girl has her specific requirements; mine include a relaxed yet flattering drape, shoulders that neither droop nor pull, and absolutely no gaping at the bust. It's always seemed like the simpler my desires, the harder they were to satisfy. Until my Bella Dahl button down entered my life.

Bella dahl button down

My love affair with Bella Dahl started with their chambray shirts (more on that here!), and I found myself wearing them so much that I simply had to add another color to my repertoire. But would the white live up to the standards that the denim had set? Would it be as soft? As comfortable? Would I feel like I was strolling around town in my comfiest pajama top? Um, yes, yes, and yes.

Gold rings trio

I wear this shirt with everything, from cutoffs and loafers for a casual summer look to slim trousers and a jacket at a work meeting. I half expect to come home one day and find that it's vacuumed the carpet and prepared dinner, that's how incredibly versatile this button down is. I'll let you know if it starts doing household chores. In the meantime, you might want to get your own—just in case.

Thank you to The Why We Love Photography for shooting these images.

  • Laura Graham

    Adorable. The bracelets totally make it. There shall be no pit stains in this flowy number! :)

  • jennifer

    so pretty anne! love these shots – btw like the new header!

  • Erin @ Pocket Stylist

    Um why are you so friggin’ adorable!!!! Miss you my love

  • ElsaD

    Darling, I just discovered your blog via Emily from Cup&Cashemere. It’s truly delightful. Congrats! xo,