Summer Style: The Best Espadrilles


My first memory of espadrilles goes waaaaay back. They were the only shoes my mom wore, day in and day out, when I was little. As I grew older, she stopped wearing them for various reasons, but she'd reminisce fondly about how comfortable they were. Now espadrilles have made a comeback in a big way, and I can't slip into a pair without thinking of her.

Espadrille style

Of course, these aren't the bargain flats that my mom would wear non-stop in the 80's. You know the jute-soled shoe has gone high class when Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Valentino all have their upscale iterations. You won't catch me paying $500 for a pair anytime soon, but I do love the mix of casual sophistation that arises when espadrilles meet slim trousers or a lace skirt.

Best espadrilles

Get the look of the pricey versions by sticking with subtle, neutral colors and playful yet polished patterns. Lately I've seen soft suede and buttery leather options in addition to classic canvas, and I must say I'm smitten. Whether for strolling city streets or just barbecuing in the backyard, these shoes' mix of exotic and timeless whispers, 'Stick around, summer.' It's no wonder my mom used to love them so!      

  • Betsy

    don’t even ask how I remember this, but the first day I read your blog was the day I bought these
    (it was last summer and they’re not available anywhere anymore I don’t think alas!)
    woo for cute flat espadrilles!

  • Sarah’s Fab Day

    In high school my trio of best friends always wore them in various colors. It didn’t seem like anyone else was wearing them so we felt like cool trendsetters. Maybe it’s time to pick up a few new pairs because I still love ’em.

  • Tracey@chalkboard living

    Love those first pair! Gosh it takes me back! 😉