Etsy Is My Kryptonite: Davey’s Vintage Midcentury Modern

Vintage midcentury

The going is slow but steady in my apartment decorating. I recently added a vintage dining table and chairs to the set-up, and next on the list is a chest of drawers. In my ongoing quest to avoid the odd smells and questionable stains of local thrift stores, I've stumbled upon Davey's Vintage on Etsy. Based in Sacramento, the mix is exactly as unplundered as you'd expect from that town. 

Vintage midcentury modern

One of the things I love most about vintage shopping is finding a piece with fantastic bones and reinvisioning it. Whether it's a sofa who needs a little TLC in the upholstery department, or an armoire begging for a swipe of wood oil, there's nothing like giving new life to a deserving old timer. Or maybe orange paisley is your thing, in which case this chair has your name all over it! 

Images: Davey's Vintage. Tons of fab glassware, accent furniture, and other goodies to love!

  • dervla

    ummm dying over this, want that dresser so badly. Thanks for finding this.

  • Carey @ how to find a man

    the trick not to get bankrupt by etsy is not to look at the beautiful stuff.
    or else it will become an addiction that will ruin you.
    i’ve known many people who started this habit and ended up on the streets… Literally.
    They started their own shops from this crazy passion and sell vintage midcentury modern furniture!
    I don’t know how or why, or if there is any reason at all. But if you are not careful. It could happen to you!
    Just joking!