Crafting Community for One Kings Lane

Colorful art display

When was the last time you made something? I'm not talking last night's quickie stir fry, but rather a roll up your sleeves, turn off your phone, bring your imagination to life kinda situation? I recently started working a few days a week at Crafting Community, a company devoted to helping families spend more meaningful time through arts and recreation; and in my few short weeks there, I've realized it's been a long time indeed since I got my hands dirty.

Art on display

I'd forgotten how much I used to love tactile pastimes—needlework and sewing were particular faves!—but being around the artists and makers involved in the Crafting Community One Kings Lane Sale has jogged my memory in a serious way. As the pieces for the sale have come flooding in to the studio, I've watched in wonder and awe at the skill and talent that exists in this world. 

Crafting community one kings lane sale

So while I ponder how I'm going to get back into the creativity game, I'm also doing a little shopping! The Crafting Community ethos is all about fun and unfettered self-expression, so everything in the shop has a bright and energetic feel to it. There's something for everyone, from homewares and accessories to objets d'arts and lovelies for the little ones. That canvas tote just might have my name on it…don't you think it would be perfect for holding my needlepoint supplies? 

P.S. Follow Crafting Community on Instagram for ideas, inspiration, and updates on October's Family Weekend at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, plus the occasional cameo from yours truly! Shopping Guide: 1. The Slow Season Postcard Set 2. Mount Washington Pottery Nantucket Planter 3. God's Eye Stool 4. Neon Pink Dream Catcher 5. Pottok Prints People Tote 6. Woods of California Forest Set Images: Kimberly Genevieve Photography

  • Amy

    everyday I make something everyday. Now I include my son and we make things together as family time.
    Couldn’t imagine a not having art in our lives.

  • Jess Wells

    I am in my second term of pottery class at a studio near Bondi Beach. I find it’s a great way to de-stress and we get to make some pretty nice things too.

  • Eleni

    Inspiring crafting….!