Instagram: Street Style & Portraits by The Styley

Instagram portraits

As Instagram grows ever more popular, I love to see how people are playing with the boundaries of the platform. Like set form poetry, sometimes the most creative expressions occur within an established structure. One feed I'm especially intrigued by is that of Kate Seward, aka The Styley. Kate has been taking street style and portraiture shots in and around New York City, then accompanying each with a caption that provokes a smile or a thought.  

Instagram inspiration

Not only are Kate's words a delight, the photos themselves are stunning. She has a way with light and framing that conveys the ephemeral nature of each image but also a sense of gravitas. Plus the emotion she captures from her subjects stops me in my tracks. Follow The Styley on Instagram—and check out Kate's blog too. I can't wait to see where she takes this series!    

Images: The Styley on Instagram.

  • PoeticandChic

    And, Kate is also one of the very best PEOPLE you’ll ever hope to meet!

  • Juliane at Modern Mural

    Gorgeous photos. I love how mysterious her captions are… thanks for sharing!