Shibori Accessories by Milkhaus Design

Shibori acessories

I'm a total textiles hound. I get it from my mom. A raw linen or washed silk has been known to send her into fits of ecstasy. She spends weeks on the hunt for the perfect oversized scarf. And the stacks of vintage blankets, rugs, and tapestries folded around her house could either be called hoarding or decor, depending on your point of view. I'm not at her level of obsession yet, but my newfound love for Milkhaus Design is bringing me one step closer.

Hand-dyed shibori

I first learned about the Madison-based accessories studio when Brika asked all the Clementine Daily editors to share their top picks from the site. (They've featured my faves today and are running a giveaway for a shibori clutch!) When I delved a little deeper into the Milkhaus archives, I discovered a treasure trove of hand-dyed totes, scarves, tea towels and more.

Handmade linen totes

I can't decide whether I like the indigo, the windowpane check, or the polka dot pieces best! They all have such unique personality and would look smashing for work or play. I guess I'll just have to take the Happy Meal route and collect all three. Which explains how my mom has ended up under a mountain of textiles. Apparently an inability to make decisions on such vital matters runs in the family too!

  • Laura

    I love seeing Wisconsin designers! These textiles are just gorgeous – loving the polka dots. Thanks so much for sharing, Anne!

  • Anni

    I’m obsessed with the indigo prints, they’re absolutely perfect!