How to Wear It: Sophisticated Boho

Sophisticated boho

I have always adored a boho sensibility. Careless mixing of patterns and colors. Long, windswept locks. Drapey silhouettes that bare just enough skin to be alluring but not trampy. Yet as much as I've loved this look, I've also lamented it. Because if (like me) you have a long waist and an amble bosom, no measure of flowing silk will transform you into a lithe,willowy goddess. And if you're really not careful, you'll emerge from the fitting room looking more Mrs. Roper than Marianne Faithfull. 

Boho print sweater

Where there's a will there's a way, however, and I've been determined to dabble in boho style without feeling like a Stevie Nicks cover artist. So I stopped into LA's Bucks & Does (be sure to catch this morning's shop tour), where the thoughtful blend of basics and standouts elevates boho beyond its crocheted confines. Our solution? Choose one hippy-esque piece with a restrained palette and a relaxed but not totally unstructured shape, then anchor it with classic staples. 

Feather fedora

We went with a cardigan that straddles the line between Nordic and tribal, plus slim jeans in a basic blue wash, a white linen tee, and suede booties. I couldn't resist a black felt fedora and leather strap pendant, which in and of themselves would turn any outfit a little boho. For evening I'd throw this sweater over a silk shirtdress. Also, if I'm being honest, you'd likely spot me wearing it with sweats and Uggs on a late night grocery run. But hey, it would be the most groovy grocery run ever!

Photos: Meghan Klein

  • pixie

    I love it! Love the Boho myself but my problem is I’m short. Long and flowy just doesn’t work as much as I’d love it to.