Valentine’s Day Flowers DIY from The Flower Recipe Book

DIY Valentine's Day Flowers

Flower arranging might not be rocket science, but it isn't the easiest thing in the world either. On many occasions I've tried to recreate arrangements I've admired online only to find myself with a haphazard conglomeration of blossoms, branches and leaves strewn about me like the aftermath of a hurricane. So when I saw The Flower Recipe Book from Studio Choo—aka the floral gurus who have inspired many of my amateur attempts—I snapped it up STAT!

DIY valentine's flowers

This book takes the fear out of flowers. As the title suggests, each arrangement is presented in recipe format, listing the exact type and number of stems you'll be using before providing detailed, step-by-step instructions. The projects range from simple yet ingenius (carnation garlands!) to elegant and elaborate (think wedding-worthy centerpieces.) Or, if you will, a Valentine's Day bouquet for yourself!

Pretty valentine's flowers DIY

The Flower Recipe Book builds a sturdy foundation of understanding that makes improvisation seem possible. In lieu of a trip to the flower market for the recommended blooms, find inspiration to maximize those Trader Joe's flowers. Example: For this arrangement I used snapdragons, mums, freesia, and cherry branches, but think of them as 'spiky, bunchy, droopy, and branchy' and you can swap in any number of options. Now if only the rest of life's challenges could be demystified so prettily!

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