Shop Visit: Valerie Confections Bakery

Bakery love

White chocolate coconut cake. Almond fleur de sel toffee. Crème fraîche scones with kumquat marmalade. If just reading this is making you hungry, you can only imagine the sheer torture I endured on a recent visit to the new Valerie Confections Bakery and Tea Shop in Los Angeles. Because in a city that more than holds its own on the sugar front, no one does dessert like Valerie!

Rustic bakery decor

Valerie Confections has been a mainstay in LA’s sweets scene for a decade. Her chocolates have even made an appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party! But in the past year she’s really fired up the ovens with two new brick-and-mortar locations, a rapidly expanding product line, and a cookbook—remember my take on her butternut squash bread? Valerie’s Echo Park neighborhood outpost is a must-stop for breakfast, lunch, tea or a snack. (And by snack I of course mean a whole pie to yourself.)

Tea and petits fours

For all her tasty talents, the thing I adore most about Valerie is her commitment to reviving vintage treats, thereby making history sweeter one slice at a time. She undertakes an exhaustive research and development process to recreate desserts that our grandparents enjoyed but whose recipes have since been lost. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. And if Valerie ever needs volunteer taste testers, we could probably provide her with a few, huh?