How to Wear It: Boyfriend Jeans + Florals

Boyfriend jeans + florals

I'm a longtime loyal fan of the boyfriend jean. I've reached a point now where slim jeans feel like they're suffocating me! But the risk of the borrowed-from-him jean, of course, is that you're just one food-stained sweatshirt away from dangerous territory on the Schlub Spectrum. If truth be told, I head in that direction a little too often—food stains not withstanding. So I've been conscious lately of upping my fashion game.

Florals + distressed denim

At the same time, I've been wanting to dabble in this season's florals trend, but it's continually eluded me. Every petaled option I've tried has made me feel like a costumed version of myself: too prissy, too boho, too glam…not descriptors I ascribe to at all. Then it occurred to me that perhaps I could solve the baggy denim conundrum and the florals challenge in one fell swoop.  

Distressed denim boyfriend jeans

Behold my blossom bedecked getup! The casual vibe of J. Crew's Destroyed Boyfriend Jean offsets the drama of the sheer floral top, while the blouse for its part dresses up the denim so I don't look like I just rolled out of bed. I sized up in both items since I veer more towards slouchy/sexy than tight and see-through. Bonus? To really get deep into my comfort zone, I could spill ketchup on this shirt and no one would be the wiser!

Photos: Sidney Morgan Photography for The City Sage

  • jena

    I love me some boyfriend jeans, and florals. You look super cute.