Style Essential: What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Summer florals

This past weekend marked the unofficial start of summer, which means that wedding season is in full swing! I myself have been to one wedding already, with two more on the docket before Labor Day. And while I do love fêting newlyweds, I can't help but fret in the days leading up to the big event—with all my anxiety going back to that eternal question: What the heck do I wear?

Summer dresses


Wedding attire is just about the trickiest animal in the fashion kingdom. Not only are my go-to colors (black and white) both off the table, but a well-cut dress is very difficult to find on a budget. Track one down that's comfortable enough to support a night of dancing, that's flattering enough to hide a cake pop paunch, and that walks the precarious line between under- and over-dressed? You've found the holy grail of gowns, my friend!


Summer wedding dresses

Last month I spent an entire day hunting for a dress that fit my exact specifications only to leave the shops teary-eyed and empty-handed. However I've got two more chances to get this thing right, so I'm moving forward going to focus my efforts on floaty fabrics and sophisticated prints. By golly, I won't let the wedding attire conundrum get the better of me!

Shopping Guide: 1. Watercolor Print Dress 2. Floral Maxi Dress 3. Floral Shift Dress 4. Boho Maxi Dress 5. Floral Chiffon Dress Images: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.