How to Wear It: Monochromatic Black for Summer

All-black for summer

These days, style is the last thing on my mind. I’ve been tied to the computer with deadlines, and on the rare occasion that I leave the house it’s to do things like walk the dog, pick up groceries, or squeeze in a yoga class—not exactly activities worth gussying up for. Although my instinct is to live 24/7 in my pajamas (think of the time and effort I could save!), I’m trying my best not to descend completely into the dreaded schlub zone.

Monochromatic summer look

So all I can say is thank goodness for the little black dress. I usually think of this staple as a go-to piece for office hours or evenings out, but even on a casual summer day it holds its own. This one is from Everlane‘s cashmere collection, which means the knit is super soft, super fine, and super breathable all year ’round. It’s the epitome of throw it on an go!

Birks + a dress

By the time I’ve shed my PJ’s and slipped into a dress, most of my energy has been expended—which means accessories have gotta be easy-peasy. Frequently in the mix are the Birks I dug out of storage when I got the memo that they’re hip again (my favorite bandwagons to jump on are the comfortable ones!), layered gold jewelry from the new Alexis Russell Aurum Collection, my trusty black hobo bag and oversized Wayfarers. Just don’t judge me when I reveal that the instant I step through my front door, I slip right back into my sweats!

  • Kara

    And, yes, let’s hear it for comfortable bandwagons 🙂

  • Abegail

    I’ve tried to look for the dress on Everlane. When will it be available? Thanks!

  • Rebecca

    Love this look!