How to Wear It: The Summer Dress

White summer sundress

Do you ever go through periods of feeling no-so-pretty? That's me lately. I'm working non-stop to meet my book deadline as well as keep all my other balls in the air. The long hours, combined with continually fretful sleep and an underyling hum of anxiety, have sunk me deep in a well of physical blah—and have also sapped me of whatever energy I might direct towards pulling myself out of it.

White summer dress

While I'm sure that anyone I encounter would say I look perfectly fine, the fact remains that I don't feel cute. And confidence really is 90% of an attractive appearance, wouldn't you agree? When your mind is in a positive space, your body follows suit. You carry yourself with a presence that turns heads wherever you go. Perhaps even more importantly, you worry less about external validation because you're glowing on the inside.

Silver d'orsay sandals

Since the stress of daily life will likely never abate, I'm doing my best to sit with the frowsies until they pass. However I will say that a really great dress can work wonders when you need a quick (albeit temporary) hit of self esteem. Any dress will do, as long as the fit, fabric, and style make you feel both at home in your body and transcendent of your physical existence.

White dress

I know that sounds silly! I know! However it's totally possible, and this sundress is my case in point. By Loup Charmant on Accompany, its easy drape and gauzy cotton brush softly against my skin while the twirly shape and low back sends me floating on air. Plus it's made of organic cotton from family farms in Northern India—all of Accompany's product is ethically sourced—which sets my mind at ease too. So until I get my mojo back, this dress isn't half bad substitute!

Outfit Details: Dress, Loup Charmant courtesy of Accompany. Silver Sandals, Franco Sarto. Rings, Anna Beck. Necklace, Gold & Gray. Bag, Vintage. Photos: Bryan Dale

  • Rebecca

    Love this! You look fab in the low back.

  • Nicole

    It doesn’t sound silly at all! And that dress is divine. The sandals are just right with it, too. You look positively angelic!

  • robin pulsifer

    hi, i went running to the site of this dress…want it! so completely stunning. have a great weekend! (in that dress…)

  • Karen Shannon

    What a gorgeous dress! Simple yet very catchy. I love the plunging neckline at the back! Probably a perfect summer dress.

  • Jessie

    LOVE Accompany… And you look beautiful, friend! XO