Grilled S’mores Melts + Free Cooking Lessons!

Melted grilled s'mores sandwich

Amongst my many harebrained schemes is a dinner party at which every course, from appetizers to entrees to desserts, consists of some type of sandwich. If I ever make this dream a reality, these grilled s'mores melts will undoubtedly be the grand finale. They take everything we love about the campfire classic and smush it between two slices of sweet, buttery brioche bread. They're so delicious and indulvent that I'm salivating just writing this post!

Brioche grilled s'mores

The recipe comes to us via Salted, a new chef-driven education company that just launched online. They've worked with over 50 celebrity chefs from across the country—in this case Dave Danhi, the founder of LA's famous Grilled Cheese Truck—to enable home chefs of all skill levels to learn from the best of the best. In other words, we armchair chefs can now do things like hone our knife skills, practice making the perfect risotto, and get the inside scoop on celebrated restaurant recipes—all without spending a fortune on cooking lessons.

Grilled s'mores melt

Salted is generously offering three free months of complete access to the site, just for readers of The City Sage! Enter the code sage3 when you sign up here. The video below explains a little more about the Salted mission, and it's definitely worth a watch. As for me, I've already spent a bunch of time scouring the site's tutorials and videos—including one that reveals some seriously revolutionary French toast tips that I can't wait to try out this weekend!

But back to these Grilled S'mores Melts! Words (and even photos) can't do justice to the experience of making and eating them. Not only is the mix of textures and flavors like an orgy in your mouth, but there's such pleasure and anticipation in roasting the marshmallows exactly to your liking, then carefully monitoring the bread as it grills so that it's the perfect shade of golden brown. The recipe is below, but I really do encourage you to sign up for Salted with the freebie code sage3 so you can get the full story instructions, and variations from the visionary chef who invented these babies. Now let's get cooking!

Grilled S'mores Melts
Recipe courtesy of Dave Danhi via Salted

1 handful mini marshmallows
2 slices brioche bread
Graham crackers

First "roast" the marshmallows. Chef Danhi placed them on a cookie sheet and used a hand torch to brown them, but I didn't have one so I just put under the broiler and watched them carefully until they puffed and golden. Spread a moderately thick layer of Nutella on each slice of bread, then layer a few broken pieces of graham cracker on one slice and the marshmallows on another. Sandwich the two pieces of bread together and place on a grill pan or skillet at medium heat. Brown each side until crisp and toasty, then slice and enjoy!