Introducing Echo and Earl!

Fringe necklace

If you've been around the blog for a while, you're familiar with my friends and colleagues Caroline and Jayden Lee of Woodnote Photography. Together we've shot some of my favorite projects, including this vintage military style shoot and my own personal 1960's Mad Men fashion moment. Now, I'm so excited and proud to share that the Woodnotes (as I think of them) have launched a new company to focus on their editorial and commercial work. Meet Echo + Earl!

Bicycle style

This shoot is amongst the many that Echo and Earl has squirreled away in preparation for launching their complete website. The vibe is at once retro and modern, smart and stylish, and it perfectly captures everything I love about these guys' work. It's been so fun to watch Caroline and Jayden's photography evolve over the last while and a pleasure to take part in some of that evolution!

70's style

Head over to the Echo and Earl website to see the full portfolio, which features tons of as-yet-unrevealed work. And be sure to follow Echo and Earl on Instagram for behind the scenes action. Word on the street is that the Echo and Earl team is heading to India for the month of November, so there's sure to be plenty of colorful, energetic inspiration in the weeks to come!

Photos: Echo and Earl. Hair and Makeup: Jenna Baltes. Styling: Kit This.