Best Face Masks for Winter Skin

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Since adolescence I've been fighting a losing battle with my skin. My complexion seems to go through phases. It'll be oily and spotty one week, only to retreat into dull, dry, patchiness the next. Lately, the list of afflictions has grown to include hormonal breakouts along my jaw and fine lines at my eyes. Fortunately, though, as I've learned through my decades of skin-wrangling experience: Whatever my complaint, there's a mask for it!

Best masks for winter skin


Truth be told, I'm a face mask junkie. On any given day my medicine cabinet overflows with at least a dozen masks to suit the moment and my mood. And as much as I like them for the (albeit temporary) relief they provide from my continual complexion chaos, I think I love them even more for the sense of pampering and indulgence they provide. Whenever I apply a mask, I might not emerge with photo-ready skin, but I do feel calm and refreshed. And considering that stress is the biggest contributor to my skin woes, a little self-care addresses the problem from the inside out!

1. The generous dose of fruit acids in NUDE Skincare's Miracle Mask tingle as they remove layers of dull skin! 2. Fast-action blemish busting abilities have earned Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask its major cult fave status. 3. Skin feels firm but not tight after a treatment with S.W. Basics Hibiscus Mask. 4. A favorite of mine since college, Fresh Rose Face Mask contains real rose petals and smells divine! 5. Eminence Organics Eight Greens Phyto Mask heats up on contact and addresses everything from fine lines to hormonal acne. 6. Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask sloughs away flakes and combats future dryness. Images: 1. 2. 3