Design an All-Natural Nursery with Bitte

Nursery style

I'm not sure what's been in the water this past year but babies seem to be popping up (out?) wherever I turn! On the arms of everyone from my colleagues to my childhood best friend, the infant is the accessory du jour. I felt so lucky to meet my bestie's son when they had a short layover at the LA airport recently. When the little fella drifted to sleep in my arms I was a total goner. Talk about heart melt! 

Nursery inspiration

Not only did I fall immediately in love with my friend's baby, I also gained a new appreciation for the protective urge that leads new parents to seek out the safest, healthiest products for their children. I'm so careful with my own health, I can only imagine the level of vigilance that awaits me when I become a mom. So I've got my eyes on Bitte, an upcoming online kids' store from designer and blogger Maia McDonald of Design Conundrum. 

Modern nursery style

Bitte is still in its conceptual stages (you can help it get off the ground here!), but when it launches it will be a welcome marketplace for kids' toys, clothes, and decor that check all the boxes: form, function, and sustainability. If Maia's impeccable taste is any indication, the edit is going to be spot-on indeed. What's more, Maia is starting the business with her mom, and they plan to focus their inventory on artisinal wares to support small makers. It's independent entrepreneurship at its finest! Watch for Bitte this summer, and in the meantime visit the Fundable page to learn more!

Images: Design Conundrum Instagram