Danish Modern Style: Day Birger et Mikkelsen

Cropped trench + stripes

Hello from Nice! I've got one night to practice my clumsy French before I head to Italy for the photography and styling workshop I mentioned earlier this year. I've been nervous about this trip as I have a traumatic history with airline travel. And while I am indeed jet-lagged, I'm happy to be comfy in my hotel bed with my laptop and some instant oatmeal. What's more, I've been thoroughly enjoying the journey thus far—thanks in large part to the soothing balm that is Danish style.

Perfect jeans + pink tee

I had a layover at the Copenhagen Airport today and my short gate-to-gate stroll gave me newfound awe for the Danes. Not only were the shops and restaurants in the airport beautifully designed and filled with tastefully alluring wares, but almost every single person was impeccably attired. The men all wore narrow trousers and slim blazers, the women more or less the same. The reigning simplicity made the most of healthy complexions and fit forms. Clearly there's something to be said for having one of the highest standards of living in the world. 

Cropped pink jacket

One of the many shops in the Copenhagen Airport was Day Birger et Mikkelsen—a label I've known of for years but have never seen in person. My quick layover was not nearly enough time to soak up all its loveliness! Muted palettes and fluid fabrics characterized pieces with a modern but figure-flattering fit. I just may have found the answer to my recent professional style conundrum. What's more, I suspect that the Danes may be my spirit tribe, and now I need visit to the actual city of Copenhagen to confirm it!

Cropped trousers + tuxedo jacket

But I'm getting ahead of myself! Tomorrow I rendezvous with the other workshop attendees and head to the Italian Riviera. I'll be sharing plenty of snippets from the trip on Instagram, so please be sure to follow along there if you're not already. Plus I'm so excited to take my photography and styling skills to the next level and share that progress with you all here. Stay tuned!