Summer Style Inspiration from the Riviera

Riviera style

Buongiorno from the final day of my European adventure! Last week when I passed through Copenhagen, I shared my newfound love for Danish style. And now I can say that the Italians aren’t exactly sartorial slackers, either! Here in the Riviera there’s a relaxed beach vibe, but because this region has serves as the getaway of choice for the very chic Milanese, even the most laid-back looks boast a distinct fashion edge that puts this schlubby American to shame.

Riviera style inspiration

While it's nearly impossible to replicate that indefinable Italian flair, we can certainly have fun trying! Pattern mixing rules, with stripes and geometrics mingling indiscriminately with paisleys and polka dots. A sun-washed palette ties it all together and simultaneously pays homage to the region's terra cotta and burnt sienna roofs that slope their way down to the sea. And since this is Italy, no outfit is complete without a fabulous pair of shoes. It's a look best described as 'elegant coastal boho', and it's perfect for summer no matter where you are in the world!

Shopping Guide: 1. Fringe Floral Kimono 2. Retro Sunglasses 3. Striped Scarf 4. Woven Market Tote 5. Pom Pom Romper 6. Woven d'Orsay Flats Images: @citysage Instagram

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    Hi Anne,
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