Tools for Slow Living at Hold General Store

Although I spent half my childhood in Canada—in Toronto, specifically—I’ve never been to the western part of the country! I’ve certainly heard all the rave reviews of the scenery , of course, and I’m dying to take a trip one of these days. My list of must-see spots just grew longer with the discovery of HOLD General Store, a shop in Victoria B.C. that celebrates the quiet beauties available to us when we take a deep breath and do a little slow living.

The first thing to know about HOLD General is that they have an herb drying rack right smack dab in the middle of the store. I can only imagine the fragrance that greets customers when they step through the door! The sensory overload doesn’t stop there, though. Tables stacked with handwoven textiles and rough scrub brushes dot the perimeter of the boutique, while beeswax candles emanate their humble scent from where they hang on the walls.


The mix at HOLD includes housewares as well as apparel. Everything you need for a long and lazy summer morning is in the offing, from breezy linen button-downs to ceramic cereal bowls and roughhewn cleaning cloths for the washing up. Much of their selection is online though I’m sure the website can’t possibly rival the experience of an in-person visit! Time to start planning a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, am I right?


Images via the Hold General Store Instagram.