Embracing Change with the Easiest Decor Upgrade Ever!

As a total word nerd, I love learning about the origins of words and the meanings packed within them. One of my favorites is the word ‘January’. It comes the name of the Roman deity Janus, who was the god of beginnings and transitions. Janus was traditionally depicted as having two faces, since he looked both into the past and the future, and in ancient times homeowners would hang carvings of Janus over their doorways to bless all who passed through. His presence served as a powerful reminder that life is always in flux, that change is inevitable, and that success lies not in arriving at a particular destination but in cherishing the journey and seeking to learn from where we’ve been so we can step with vision and commitment into what awaits us.

simple and minimalist bedroom interior design // anne sage

Of course it delights me that even in Ancient Rome, the connection between our decor and our wellbeing was alive and well. And even though we may not have Janus statuettes over our doorways today, we can still implement the same mindful attention to transitions in our homes. The concept comes alive when we design for a smooth sense of flow between rooms; when we frame up a vignette through a doorway for maximum aesthetic impact; and of course when we put care into the details of our doors themselves. A good wipe down, a clean coat of paint, and especially new door hardware are the design equivalent of signaling to the universe that you’re ready to embrace change!

white and black living room // anne sage

Embracing change is exactly what I did when Schlage asked me to switch out my old door hardware as part of their Open Possibilities campaign, which invites interiors lovers to live more intentionally and celebrate the details of their design by offering new possibilities with Schlage door hardware, deadbolts and locks. I’d been living with my landlord-issue door knobs since moving into the house and they were definitely harshing my vibe. Not only were they plain ugly, they were loose and prone to getting stuck. Oh, and to add insult to injury, the doors were scuffed and chipped from years of in-and-out traffic. I’d never even noticed it before, but once it came time to spruce them up, I was appalled at how drab and overlooked they’d been!

changing your door knobs is a subtle but impactful way to update your home! // anne sage
When it came time to select my new door hardware, I went with the Schlage Bowery Knob in matte black. The simple, round shape complements the home’s 1924 Craftsman bones, and the contemporary finish enhances the clean, modern decor scheme I’ve implemented throughout the house. I first gave the doors a fresh coat of paint, knowing that it wouldn’t make much sense to replace the knobs without also applying a little TLC to the surface they’re mounted on. The whole project took less than three hours, and I was frankly surprised at how easy it was to remove the old knobs and install sleek, chic new ones!

corner bedroom chair // anne sage

What also surprised me is how much of a difference the upgrade has made in the house. I talk a lot about intentional design as a pathway to feeling better at home, but it’s always nice to experience it myself! On a stylistic level, I get a little thrill when I look at my doors and they’re up to par with the rest of my decor; and on an emotional level, it’s so satisfying to have put a personal touch on this space that I’m renting. Those door knobs are a small thing, to be sure, but they’re a big gesture in celebrating my own journey, vision, and commitment to living out the best version of myself!

Images: Monica Wang Photography. Disclosure: I partnered with Schlage to style, shoot, write, and share this content. All opinions are and always will be my own! Thank you for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh inspiration daily.