An End of Year Meditation with Life Coach Lacy Young

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s inevitable that we look back on the year that was. It certainly has been a roller coaster twelve months, hasn’t it? How will you be reflecting on the year in review? As a recovering perfectionist, I’m all too familiar with the temptation to judge myself for what I didn’t do, rather than celebrate what I did. The result is that I move into the new year with my focus on correcting what is wrong, not creating more of what’s right! This week, however, I’ll be counteracting that tendency by practicing this end of year meditation from my beloved life coach Lacy Young. If you’re ready to shift from judgement into acceptance and growth in 2017, join me in giving this a try!

December is a natural time of reflection. So often we look at the year in review and start to make resolutions and goals for next year. Sometimes that feels supportive and others it can become contrived or forced, leaving it hard to truly connect to the process (which is part of the reason why resolutions don’t work). What if we changed the process ever so slightly to allow our energy to guide the way? After all, you have everything you need inside of you. It’s just a matter of getting quiet enough to access the information.minimalist modern white bathroom // anne sage
Consider setting the mood for your time of reflection by lighting candles or playing soft music—or maybe you’d like to do this entire exercise from the bath! There is no wrong way here; just be sure that you are comfortable and begin by getting still and quiet. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, take several deep breaths and ask yourself the question, “What is closing in my life?” Pause to listen for the answer. Is there a big chapter or season of your life that you’ve just made it through? It could be a decade that’s closing instead of just this calendar year. Or maybe you made it through November and that was plenty!

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Next ask yourself, “What do I need to reflect on?” Again pause and honor whatever comes up. Resist the urge to question or dismiss what comes, simply notice and allow. Often times you’ll surprise yourself as something bubbles to the surface that you thought you were over or maybe something you’d totally forgotten about will show up. Close your eyes and keep breathing, allow this process to become a meditation where you stay within your own mind and body.

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Finally ask, “What wants for celebrating?” Invite all your thoughts to come forth in a movie montage reel of moments from your life. What could you congratulate yourself for? What could you celebrate in this moment? What could you speak words of gratitude for? When you open up and allow your own energy to guide you not only do you make the process infinitely more personal but also much more meaningful. You are so worthy of celebrating!

Thank you to Lacy Young for this powerful practice! For more wisdom from Lacy, be sure to check out her website—and be sure to get the info on her healing personal growth retreats in Costa Rica and Spain! Images source.