Monthly Inspiration Boards from Myriam Rochefort

If you’re on the hunt for a little fresh inspiration this January, look no further than this charming Instagram feed I stumbled upon earlier this week! Each month, designer and photographer Myriam Rochefort assembles the prettiest mood board on a piece of plywood, then posts the result alongside a petite poem of her own composition. The Montreal-based aesthete has a glorious eye for color, shape, line, trend, and the ability of all these elements to come together to evoke a feeling that eloquently captures each month’s personality!

Many of the images Myriam includes are printouts of photos from feeds that she herself admires, and she tags them all—making each collage a deep rabbit hole of additional resources to explore. And of course in between her mood board posts, she shares plenty of additional gorgeous imagery that’ll have you seeing even the smallest detail in new ways. Pop on over to follow her STAT, and get inspired to make 2018 your most creative year yet!

Images via Myriam Rochefort on Instagram.