A Bedroom Redesign Sneak Peek with The Citizenry

Well, last week’s smooth transition into post-holiday reality has been replaced with this week’s “frazzled squirrel on a sugar high” mindset. I don’t know what it is but my focus is all over the place! Somehow, though, in between eking out a few emails per hour and pacing aimlessly back and forth between my desk and the fridge, I’ve managed to schedule a shoot date for my bedroom redesign results. At last!

I’ve still got a few final details to complete before everything is photo ready (mount a mirror, shop for a few vintage decor finds to give the space more personality, maybe pop a couple small pieces of art on the wall) but I couldn’t resist sharing a little peek at how beautifully these handmade textiles from The Citizenry are fitting in! My affinity for throw blankets knows no bounds, apparently, and this handsome stack of fringed throws adds such sumptuous warmth to a bare spot on the wall. Then there’s that graphic lumbar pillow, which plays so nicely with the large art print over the bed! I may relocate it to the corner chair for the final photos, but for now I’m enjoying it right where it is. Don’t you just love decor finds with a go-anywhere, can-do spirit?!