A Spa Day to Celebrate the Latest Target Decor Collection!

It’s been chilly and grey here in Los Angeles and the January doldrums are whispering at the door. But a spa day last Friday to celebrate the newest releases in the Target decor collection brightened things right up! LA’s cutest and most stylish nail salon was the site of the event hosted by interiors guru Emily Henderson, and a full assortment of interiors goodies from everyone’s favorite accessible home store was on full display! Seeing design finds in person is always better than viewing them online, and sure enough it was a treat to fondle the soft pillows, test the sturdy weight of the ceramics, and get excited about spring decor refreshes!

The assortment included pieces from Target’s two in-house home brands (Threshold, which lives on the classic side of the spectrum, and Project 62, which skews a bit more modern), and both line-ups tapped into some of my favorite trends for 2018. The ever-popular blush has invited its sisters maroon and burnt sienna to the party, with dark horse favorite mustard in tow. Earthy textures abounded, as did handmade-inspired accents like brass wall hangings and roughhewn terra cotta vases. Light-hued woods like mango and birch adds to the overall airy and organic mood. The effect? A warm breath of spring to banish the January chill!

Shopping Guide: 1. Buffalo Check Pillow 2. Gold Wire Basket 3. Blush Ceramic Vase 4. Carved Wood Accent Table 5. 6. Textured Blush Pillow 7. Brass Wall Hanging 8. Framed Watercolor Paintings Photos: Tessa Neustadt