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We’re Having a Baby!

Life is funny, isn’t it? My last post was a bittersweet sendoff to our sweet pup, who we recently said goodbye to. And here, hot on its heels, is an announcement of the impending arrival of a new family member! Yup, as you can tell from this photo, Ivan and I are expecting a baby! He […]

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A Loving Farewell to Our Dog Rambo

This is a hard post to write—because really, what is harder than saying goodbye forever? On Sunday we held our dog Rambo in our arms as he took his last breath. Since that moment, we’ve been in a fog. This is the first major, permanent change that Ivan and I have weathered in the 6 […]

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25 Random Facts About Me!

Last week I inadvertently took the week away from blogging, due to some personal stuff we have on our plate (pet health! people health! general laziness!) It’s always hard to get back into the swing of things after a moment away, so to kickstart myself I figured I’d do something low pressure. I’ve always loved […]

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bullet journaling templates

I Started Bullet Journalling + Here’s What I’ve Learned So Far

I’d never heard of bullet journaling until a few weeks ago, but apparently it’s becoming a huge thing! The first mention of it to hit my ears was from my friend Mimi, who is an amazing leadership coach and astrologer. Bullet journaling is one of the tools that she uses to support her clients in […]

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vacation in puglia italy

Ways to Stay in Vacation Mode Even After You Return!

Whenever I get back from time away from home, the adjustment period is always a little rough. Even now, two weeks since coming back from Mexico, I have 120 emails gathering dust in my inbox! It’s especially tricky to re-enter reality when the trip was for leisure. The demands of regular life can make those […]

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amansala tulum boutique hotel

Amansala Tulum: My Stay at an Eco Resort in Mexico

I’ve just returned home from a week in Tulum with my mom. Even though I got home Friday, I’m still reintegrating into normal life. City life is definitely an adjustment after spending six days in a tropical paradise! In Tulum, our experience of the natural environment was totally immersive. Every morning we rose and watched […]

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Women’s International Build Day with Habitat for Humanity + Lowe’s

This post was sponsored by Lowe’s Home Improvement. In the past few years, it’s been so gratifying to see the occasion of International Women’s Day used to increase awareness and action for issues effecting the female population. And, as you may not be surprised to learn, one issue close to my heart is women’s access […]

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minimalist scandinavian office with woven cane chair

Announcing My Mini Website Refresh!

You may have noticed a little facelift around here, and no, I’m not talking about the Botox I got last week! Hah! Last fall I began working on a small website refresh to give the blog a more user-friendly look and feel. I worked with Marbury Co on the design and Alchemy + Aim on […]

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away carry on suitcase for packing light

7 Ways I Manage Travel Anxiety When Traveling for Work

I just arrived home in LA after several days in Chicago at a housewares trade show. I’ve shared before how challenging it is for me to manage travel anxiety—including last May when I got seriously anxious before international travel. And in the week leading up to my flight to O’Hare, I was experiencing all the […]

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how to decorate bookshelves

My February Intentions (and January Report!)

How is it February already? I don’t know about you guys, but January absolutely sped past over here in my neck of the woods! Indeed, the first part of 2019 felt so ‘blink and it’s over’ that when I sat down to reflect on the weeks behind me and set my intentions for the month […]

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rattan chair

What to Say When Someone Has a Miscarriage (and What Not to Say)

Of the whole range of human experiences, grief is definitely one of the trickiest to navigate—both for those who are in it and for those around them. My miscarriage in November was the first head-on meeting with grief I’ve had since my grandmother died three years ago, and I was quickly reminded of how complex […]

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An Art Inspired Party with Society6!

Happy Monday! It feels like the holidays have finally released their grip on us, doesn’t it? I’m ready to dive in and get this 2019 party—and what better way to do that than by sharing an actual party that Caroline and I hosted in partnership with Society6 last month at Light Lab? Technically this shindig […]

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