Shop Visit: Society Salon Los Angeles

Society salon los angeles

I know we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, and indeed appearances can be deceiving. After all, how many times have you left a flashy restaurant feeling disappointed with the food, only to later enjoy an amazing meal at an unsassuming little cafe? Yet a carefully considered interior often hints at an underlying attention to detail, which is exactly what you want in someone you trust with a pair of scissors near your head. And the new Society Salon in Los Angeles sets a high standard for style—plus delivers major substance at the same time!

Industrial chic

First up is the style. Concrete and exposed white brick create a sleek shell for rows of industrial pendants and minimalist swivel seating. The effect is clean and striking in its potential energy, like a blank canvas waiting to be filled. But for all its coolness, the space is home to the warmest bunch of people who ever picked up a straight iron. Step through the door and they immediately offer you refreshments, ask you about your day, and most importantly, take one look at your hair and know exactly what you need.

Industrial style

Now for the substance. Society is the product of a new salon concept: unlimited monthly services for members. While you can book services a la carte, the real benefits come with the packages up for grabs. For example, The Standard includes unlimited cuts, single process color, and blowouts for $120, and the Social gets you unlimited blowouts for $80 a month. Compared to other salons where membership can cost $75 per month for only two blowouts, Society comes out ahead of the game in all departments! 

Visit Society Salon at 8327 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood. More locations coming soon! Photo Credit: Thanks to Mercie Ghimire Photography for shooting these images!