DIY Hanging Pendant Light from Color Cord Company

DIY hanging pendant light

Last month when I shared my bedroom makeover, I promised you the full story on my hanging pendant lights. Well here it is! I assembled and installed these pendants myself using components from Color Cord Company, an awesome resource for customizing exactly the DIY lighting look you want. These lamps are far and away my favorite part of my bedroom decor!

DIY cage pendant light

When considering my options for bedroom lighting, I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to install hanging lamps. Not only do I love their minimalist industrial vibe, they also work very well for a bedroom as small as mine. I don't have space for side tables large enough to accomodate both a lamp and my bedtime essentials. The pendants provide ample illumination for reading and also free up my petite nightstand for books, a glass of water, and my phone. 

DIY hanging pendant lamp

Color Cord Company sells everything you need to build and install pendants like these. Choose from fabric-covered wire in every hue of the rainbow, bulb cages and shades in matte or metallic finishes, and accessories like socket covers, switches, and plugs—things I didn't even know existed until I started this project! The folks at Color Cord Company recommend that you hire a licensed electrician to help you out (and after I shocked myself testing the assembly I wish I had) but they also provide detailed instructions so you can DIY it at your own risk. Whatever route you go, I promise the hardest part will be picking from the countless combinations you can create!

Disclosure: Color Cord Company very kindly gifted me product for this post after I sent them a gushingly enthusiastic email.