Belgian Linen Custom Draperies from Barn & Willow

What’s your least favorite home decor item to shop for? For me it’s always been window coverings. I’ve driven myself crazy trying to find the middle ground between pricey custom draperies and affordable but tacky curtains. Much to my chagrin, the conclusion I’ve consistently arrived at is that the middle ground simply doesn’t exist. Until now, that is! With the launch of Barn & Willow, gorgeous linen curtain panels are fully within our grasp!

midcentury living room

I chatted with company founder Trisha and it turns out she was frustrated with the lack of stylish yet accessible window coverings too, which is exactly why she started Barn & Willow. By selling exclusively online, she’s able to keep her costs at a minimum while still using materials from the finest textile mills in the world. These curtains are light, airy, and so finely wrought that they’d easily cost twice or thrice as much anywhere else.

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Barn & Willow also offers one-on-one design consultations to help you customize your drapes. Plus they’ve recently added Roman shades to the list of upcoming products, which I’m super stoked about as it’s proven impossible to find shades for the odd-sized windows in my kitchen. For now, I’m just sending major vibes of gratitude to Trisha for launching this much-needed venture. Isn’t it nice when someone solves a pesky problem we all seem to have?

P.S. T-minus 5 days until my book Sage Living comes out! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?