American-Made Modern Furniture by Katy Skelton

Happy Monday from High Point Market in North Carolina! I’m here at the interiors industry’s largest trade show, where I’m one of this year’s Style Spotters. It’s been my honor to roam the market and round up my favorite trends for a panel discussion taking place tomorrow. From modern furniture to traditional decor and everything in between, I’ve not only seen so much good stuff but have also had the pleasure of meeting the people behind the stuff. Everyone including the sales reps and marketing execs to the makers themselves is so passionate about design and excited to geek out with me about the tiny details that take a piece from whatever to wonderful!

mini accent table + stool via @citysage

One of my favorite new-to-me finds so far is Katy Skelton, a furniture designer who until recently was based in Brooklyn. Katy’s pieces have received a healthy degree of attention thus far and it’s only a matter of time until she’s a household name. Sustainably produced here in the US, each one is standout unique on its own yet fits beautifully into homes with a multitude of styles, from sleek and modern to simple and Scandinavian to traditional chic. As a small space dweller, my personal favorite is her One Drink Table—aptly named for its petite scale. How perfect is it as a nightstand in a snug bedroom? Katy is also working on some knockout lighting that you can peep on her Instagram. Keep your eyes on this one, guys. She’s super talented, sweet as pie, and about to make some major waves!

Shopping Guide: 1. Metal Cube Table 2. Marble Base Round Mirror 3. Safari Bench 4. Black Marble Table 5. Brushstroke Pink Pillow