Fine Art Travel Photography Prints by Carley Rudd

As someone who likes to travel but also needs a significant dose of downtime at home to recover from each trip, I’m in awe of nomadic types who spend more time on the road than anywhere else. Their thirst for adventure is insatiable, and they make it their mission to see as much of the world as possible! And if they happen to be great with a camera, then all the better for us armchair voyeurs—because we get to circle the globe along with them from the comfort of our PJ’s and slippers!

One of my favorite nomads is Carley Rudd, who shares her journeys via her Instagram handle @CarleysCamera. Carley and her fiance Jake spent the first chunk of this year exploring Bali, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, and the tropical dispatches she posted were positively dreamy! Carley’s breathy, breezy photographic style lends itself perfectly to travel photography that evokes a feeling of blissful escapism—so it only made sense that she open a print shop! Now even the homebodiest of us can wake up looking at the waves crashing over white sand beaches…and we don’t even need a plane ticket, just a hammer and a nail!

Photos: Carley Rudd.