New Project Alert: A Colorful Modern Office Design

I’ve been feeling a little down on myself because I’ve been having the hardest time keeping up with blog posts lately—it’s not easy to keep up with the daily ins-and-outs of creating content when there are also larger, ongoing projects in the works! So I thought I’d share a peek at one of those projects here, both to get you guys excited about what’s to come but also to give myself a gentle reminder that I am indeed hard at work, even when I’m not at my computer! (What can I say, I’m my own worst critic!)

Last year my work wife Caroline and I teamed up to give her younger brother a living room makeover, and we had so much fun with it that when her sister Margaret signed the lease on a new office space, we decided to tackle that together too! This colorful, modern office design is definitely the boldest aesthetic I’ve ever created, and it’s been a ton of fun. I’ve been super into art deco curves and strong graphic shapes, and this space was the perfect place to play around with those motifs. We’ve tapped some of my favorite brands on the product side of things—everything like furniture from West Elm and Article to fun wallpaper from Drop It Modern, and from lighting by Mitzi to classic vintage pieces from Amsterdam Modern—and the result is going to be truly memorable. I’ll be sharing lots more as the install shapes up (there’s a peek at our progress up top) plus I’ve got a handful of other design projects in the works too. So stick around for lots more good stuff to come!

Top Photo: Margaret Bienert