Master Suite Makeover with Dreamy Spa Vibes!

You guys know I’m all about a less-is-more approach to design, so I’m especially excited to bring you a project that proves you can create a truly indulgent, one-of-a-kind space while still maintaining a minimalist vibe! For this stunning master suite makeover, LA fashion and lifestyle blogger Emily Vartanian teamed up Decorist to maximize a modest square footage and transform it into a dreamy retreat with serious spa vibes!

Emily and her husband recently bought their 1941 ranch style bungalow and now have their first baby on the way, so setting the scene for nesting was a major objective of the project. Decorist Elite Designer Lauren Martin started by creating the illusion of volume and space by sourcing creative storage solutions and timeless larger pieces to ground the room. For example, this awe-inspiring four poster bed—the first purchase made for the project—gives the impression of major height to the standard 8-foot ceilings. Lauren also was mindful of separating yet unifying the two very different functional zones in the open concept space, taking care to tie the bathing and sleeping areas together with complementary tones and textures as well as found vintage touches.

In choosing the room’s palette, Lauren ran with Emily’s preferred aesthetic of modern meets eclectic boho. Says Lauren, “I’m a fan of hard working neutrals as a foundation, layered with muted and moody colors and textures which can be easily and cost effectively changed out with the seasons or one’s changing color preferences.” As for the room’s finishing accents, Lauren combined cost effective ceramic table lamps, which look like handmade vintage pieces, and a mix of vintage and contemporary photography artwork.

Emily describes her resulting master suite makeover as an “airy oasis with an Old World feel”, and Lauren characterizes it as equal parts “restful, practical, and luxurious”.  Lauren also adds, “One of the benefits of taking a more minimalist approach of living with “less” is enjoying more room to stretch and move about. As a mother of two littles, I know firsthand this will come in handy as Emily expects her little one. Her bedroom now has room to grow…just as her family and needs will!”

Resources: Canopy Bed, Magnolia Home Rug, Ceramic Lamps, White Linen Duvet, White Linen Drapes, Wicker Chair, Eucalyptus Ladder, Brass Floor Mirror, Baskets, Black Nightstands, Artwork 1, Artwork 2, Artwork 3, Artwork 4, Vintage Decor + Art from Lauren Martin Design. Interior Design by Decorist Elite Designer Lauren Martin. Photos by Vivian Lin.