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Kids Gift Guide: Lo-Fi Finds for Little Ones

As I’ve been thinking more and more about the kind of mom I want to be, one thing is for sure: I’m absolutely going to be the mom who gets down on the ground and plays with her kids’ toys, even when they’re asleep! From classic toys to new trends, there are so many great gifts for kids this holiday season—and tons of them are not only fun and engaging, they’re also design-friendly too! Personally, I’m drawn to lo-fi finds like the ones below in my kids gift guide. They’ll stand the test of time and bring big smiles to the faces of kids of all ages!

kids gift guide

1. A toy that’s a treehouse and a dollhouse all in one is basically every childhood dream come true! This hand-painted keepsake is all wood and comes with a troop of cheery animal inhabitants.

2. Nothing’s more fun than matching outfits with mom or dad. These kids’ shearling boots are just like grown-up UGG boots but without the price tag—since we know they’ll grow out of them by March anyway!

3. A friendly stuffed horse from Ferm Living Kids doubles as pillow and nighttime pal. His fringe main and soft linen body are so huggable AND chic!

4. Rainbows are having such a moment right now, but they never went out of style as far as I’m concerned! This rainbow stacking toy comes in several color palettes, but the soft desert sunset pastels top my list.

5. Encourage fine motor skill development and keep a bear warm with a wood cross-stitch lacing game. Switch out yarn colors for a totally different look!

6. No training wheels needed for this toddler scoot bike. The handsome hunter green color screams “racing pro”, and that basket is just right for toting a snack!

7. No kids gift guide is complete without a wood play kitchen. The shelf is ready to be stocked with toy pots and pans, and the dials and knobs twist just like in the grown-up kitchen!

8. I’m a massive fan of the Little People, Big Dreams series and have already stocked up on several for when our bitty one gets older. So I love to see that the series is expanding with board books and even a matching game!

9. Magnets never stop seeming like magic! Turn the fridge into a barnyard with this set of 30 wood farm animal magnets that comes in a cute milk carton package for storage!

10. This rose colored play tent with an eye-catching bunting garland sure beats the pillow forts I used to build with my parents’ couch cushions. Set it up on rainy days for an afternoon of indoor camping!

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