Feminine Modern Nursery with Tempaper Designs

This post has been 18 months in the making! Yup, sometimes even a one-room design project can take that long to plan, execute, shoot, and share. Especially when there’s a baby and 400 miles of distance involved! Late in 2018, my friend Amy Azzarito let me in on the news that she was pregnant with a girl. Caroline and I jumped at the chance to team up on decorating her feminine modern nursery! It meant designing from afar, since Amy lives in NorCal and we’re down here in LA. But Amy told me she wanted a nursery inspired by the one in Father of the Bride Part 2, one of my all-time favorite movies. So really I’d have worked from the moon if it meant I could be involved in the project!

As soon as Amy shared with me her inspiration, I knew exactly what I wanted to use as the foundation for this vintage-inspired space. I’ve lusted after Tempaper Designs Chinoiserie removable wallpaper since first spotting it at High Point Market several years ago. Not only is it an affordable and low-commitment way to get the look of a high-end custom mural, it’s utterly STUNNING! The dripping florals and foliage have a subtle sheen to them for an incredibly luxe look. We used the Canopy Metallic Champagne wallpaper. The soft green undertones made for a room that feels like a dreamy, romantic oasis!

To complete the envelope of the room, we color-matched a paint for the ceiling that was a near-identical shade to the pale backdrop of the wallpaper. (It’s Benjamin Moore in Par Four). The effect is a seamless and smooth transition from ceiling to walls. The room positively glows when you step into it! As our client Amy describes it, it’s like “having an oasis. It’s for her, but it was also for me—a place of calm and quiet in those early days.” Now that her daughter Stella is almost a year old, she loves being lifted up to touch the birds perched on the hanging branches!

Once we’d wallpapered to set the scene for this feminine modern nursery, I think we could have furnished it with cardboard boxes and it would’ve still looked amazing! Of course we didn’t—but the rest of the pieces did come together really quickly and easily. I’ll share a separate post detailing those soon! For now, feast your eyes on that before-and-after. The transformation has to be seen to be believed, am I right?!

Photos: Anne Sage