modern lamp and mirror on an entryway table

Modern Entryway Decor with Earthy, Organic Accents

We’re back with another deep dive into my designs for the Living By Design Virtual Showhouse! I had so much fun selecting modern entryway decor for a mudroom that feels both utilitarian and stylish—and small decor accents played a huge roll in striking the balance between those two essential characteristics! Elements like lighting and wall accents not make a space feel complete, they can enhance the functionality of the room.

The lighting and decor sponsor for the showhouse was Lamps Plus. Their wide range of exclusive patented designs and artisan-made custom shades and lamps made it hard to decide, but I eventually narrowed in on an uneven round frame mirror and a resin table lamp with a gorgeous earthy texture. In fact, I fell so hard for these pieces in the showhouse renderings that I had to incorporate them into my home IRL. Read on to learn why I selected them and why they work so well!

modern entryway decor

How to Choose an Entryway Mirror

One of the most essential decor elements in a mudroom or entryway is a mirror! Not only is it necessary for ‘fit checks on your way out the door, but a mirror can make this often cramped room feel bigger than it actually is. As well, a mirror plays the important role of drawing the eye upward and anchoring the vertical space above your console or cabinet. The wall will look naked without it!

Of course, the exact size of your mirror will depend on the size of your entryway; but I find something in the 30″-36″ range to be ideal for providing plenty of reflective surface area without overwhelming the wall. Mount your mirror about 4-6″ above the surface of your entry table, so that the two pieces feel related. (A mirror mounted higher than that will feel like its floating in midair!)

One final detail? Make sure that your line of site is more or less in the center of the mirror once its mounted. If your table is on the lower side, that doesn’t mean you should mount the mirror higher than 6″ above the table. Instead, choose a mirror large enough so that top of your head doesn’t get cut off in your reflection!

modern entryway with cabinet mirror and lamp

The Best Types of Entryway Lighting

The main source of light in your mudroom or entryway should be at least one overhead light, for bright and thorough illumination when you’re coming and going. However, I also like to add a secondary source of light in the form of a table lamp. This gives you the option to turn off the overhead lights and have a softer glow that feels cozy and inviting in the evening!

When shopping for entryway table lamps, size is of the utmost importance. Too small and the lamp will appear minuscule compared to other items in the room; too large and it can actually impede the flow of traffic through the space! As with a mirror the exact size of table lamp you choose should depend on the other objects in your design, but something in the 14″-24″ height range is best.

One important detail to note is the diameter of your lamp base and lamp shade! Since entryway consoles usually feature a shallower depth, your lamp cannot be too big around lest it stick out past the depth of your table. The cabinet we used in the showhouse renderings was 16″ deep, but my cabinet at home is only 14″ deep—which is the same diameter as the table lamp’s shade. You can see in my IRL photos that I definitely could not have any wider of a the shade with this particular table!

modern neutral entryway

Creating Warm and Welcoming Modern Entryway Decor

Of course, the aesthetic tone of your mudroom or entryway is just as important as the functionality. It’s the first space that you and your guests encounter when you step into your home! Given the sleek and relatively minimalist backdrop of the showhouse mudroom, I honed in on accents that injected a soft and inviting—but still sophisticated—sensibility to the room.

For starters, the resin table lamp has a textured, dynamic finish that gives it the earthy look of carved wood. The 30″ round mirror, in addition to the warm brass finish of its frame, boasts a subtly uneven shape that’s playful and organic. It’s also worth noting that I customized the look by swapping in a different lamp shade that’s in keeping with the bright, crisp tone of the space. The finished result is modern entryway decor that says “welcome home”, both in renderings and in real life!

modern neutral entryway with bronze lamp

Credits: Thank you to Embello for producing and including me in the Living By Design Virtual Showhouse, and to YouSee Studio for bringing my designs to life with these stunning renderings! Head over to the showhouse for an interactive tour of my rooms as well as those of all the other talented designers!