Key Piece for Spring: The Slouchy Printed Pant


Are you ready for spring? Now that I've cleaned out my closet, I've got a bit of space for a few new favorite finds. Here in Southern California the temps are soaring, but I've been resorting to cutoffs and gym shorts for lack of better options. So once again I've turned to my dog-eared March issue of InStyle for their take on the 5 Key Pieces for the season. We've already covered their first pick, the relaxed denim button-down. Next up: Silky, slouchy pants in wear-em-as-a-neutral prints. 


If you're like me in that you'd happily stay in pajamas all day, these pants are right up your alley. That's not to say you shouldn't focus on a flattering fit and appropriate outfit pairings—this isn't your 8am freshman lit class. But nothing can rival these babies in the comfort department, and they're just right for concealing those last few holiday jiggles you're still jogging off.


As for styling, a blazer quickly renders silk trousers work-appropriate. Tanks and tees make them weekend wear. If you're feeling less than bold, look for subdued prints in shades of black, grey, and ecru. I'm especially taken with Club Monaco's striped silk pant. The verticals are slimming, while the elastic waist says, 'Go ahead and enjoy that extra slice of grasshopper pie.' 

  • Amy

    Super cute!

  • Sarah Martinez

    I don’t know if I could love those Club Monaco striped pants anymore. Looks like I’ll be lounging all spring. :)

  • bethany

    ive been following your blog for years + just clicked over this morning and see my adorable sister-in-law pictured in your post! (she’s in the tribal pants

  • Mary-Candles Lovers

    Really cute and comfortable!