Land of Nod for Grown-Ups

Land of nod for grown-ups

Confession: I have been known to browse children's stores for no other reason than to coo and squeal over the tiny merchandise. I'm especially susceptible to miniaturized versions of grown-up things: itsy-bitsy cardigans, wee little socks, pint-size jeans. Yet in all my years of engaging in this (slightly creepy?) diversion, I never thought to buy something for myself. Until the Land of Nod came along.  

Land of nod

I know. It sounds weird. But hear me out, okay? This stuff might be sold under the guise of kids' decor, but there's some seriously covetable items for all ages. Think quirky lighting, clever storage options, and playful yet sophisticated accents. Plus the price points are generally much lower than you'd pay for similar adult pieces. I'm this close to pulling the trigger on a gold midcentury-inspired desk lamp!  

Best of Land of Nod

I've culled a few favorites—a sleek desk, a typographic wall hanger, a cheeky metal utensil caddy—but really you've got to see the goods for yourself. Unless you're three feet tall you won't find much use for a lot of the furniture, but I promise there's still a lot to love. If nothing else, at least you can do all your cooing and squealing in the privacy of your own home. (And by you I mean me…!)     

Shopping Guide: 1. Sequin Heart Pillow 2. Pirate Treasure Box 3. Fabric and Bamboo Hamper 4. Elephant Bookend 5. Whitewashed Oak Desk 6. Things Bin 7. Numbers Wall Hanger