Office Inspiration Board

Inspiration board

Since moving to Los Angeles a year and a half ago, I've been slooooowly but steadily decorating my space. Living room, dining room, and bedroom have all been furnished in more or less recognizable form. However one room—a second bedroom that I've intended to use as an office—has instead become a dumping ground for laundry, craft supplies, and anything else I've wanted to file under 'out of sight, out of mind'. The chaos at times has been so great that I've referred to it as the Room of Shame.

DIY tablet holder

But tripping over clean towels and colored pencils gets old quickly. I needed to impose order! My first move was to create an inspiration board under the assumption that if I have one corner of calm, I'll be more inclined to keep the entire room tidy. I leaned a big ol' cork bulletin board against the wall above my desk and I covered it with images I've saved over the years, from vintage photos found at the flea market to pages torn from books. I then gave the board a digital component by mounting my Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 using a leather belt that I'd snipped into pieces. Pat on the back for this out-of-character DIY savvy on my part!

Office inspiration board

I use the GALAXY Tab 3 to rotate content on the board; I keep my to-do list in front of me when I'm working, or play a slideshow of personal photos when I'm not. The rest of the snippets inject texture, color, and an element of nostalgia to my workspace. And I'm happy to report that the inspiration board is doing it's job: the Room of Shame is one step closer to being a bonafide home office!

Disclosure: I received product from Intel Corporation in support of this post.

  • Happimess

    Super cute idea!

  • Chelsea

    Where is your great calendar from? So cute!

  • Leslie

    I LOVE the pic of the bear holding California? Is that available anywhere? I MUST HAVE! :)