Cheese Boards + A Food Styling Workshop with The Tillamook Co-Op

Last month I discovered something new about myself: I love to teach! I worked with Tillamook to create and conduct a food styling workshop for some of their most loyal fans, and it was a total blast from start to finish. I adored creating the curriculum, setting up, and most of all, meeting and sharing my expertise with people eager to learn a fun new skill! Plus I won’t lie that it’s a nice confidence booster to realize that I’m practiced enough at what I do for a living that I can pass it along. Makes all the hard work over the last years seem truly worth it when I can see firsthand how it brings joy to others!

The workshop was held on a Saturday morning at a studio in downtown LA. We started the class with coffee and mimosas, and then I gave a short presentation with some basic tips on food styling to create a gorgeous cheese board for entertaining! Then, everyone got to raid the display I’d created—as well as a seriously impressive collection of props!—to craft their own platters. Seeing everyone get into a flow reminded me of those moments in elementary school when we’d all focus intently on our crayons and construction paper. There were no expectations, nothing to prove, just a bunch of curious folks gathered to have fun!

I’ll definitely doing more of these events with Tillamook, and you’re totally invited! Stay up-to-date on future happenings by joining the Tillamook Co-Op, which is a dairy-lovers community that Tillamook created as a sounding board for their many initiatives. If you want to support their mission of real, honest food; have a say on new ice cream flavors or other products; or hear about free events like this one, then the Co-Op is for you. See you at the next workshop!

Images: Stephanie Baker