Handmade Furniture and Decor from WorkOf

Shopping for great locally made decor is much easier than it used to be, but it’s still not as simple as walking into your nearest big box store and slapping down your credit card. Especially when it comes to sourcing larger items like furniture or lighting—and especially when you want those pieces to radiate the refined aura that only a master craftsman can evoke. Thankfully for those of us who crave quality handmade finds to give our spaces a unique yet sophisticated character, WorkOf has created a marketplace of home goods from independent makers who specialize in heirloom-quality designs.

open kitchen shelving via anne sage

WorkOf brings together artisans from all over the country for a celebration of modern American craft. Scroll through midcentury inspired bed frames by woodworker Chris Earl, playful powder-coated steel tables from sculptor Eric Trine, and striking brass pendants by Brooklyn-based Souda. Cheeky cork planters by Melanie Abrantes and colorful blankets from Wolfum round out the small decor department. Pricing for some of the inventory definitely falls in the ‘investment’ category, but more accessible items also abound. I’m smitten with this tiny end table that would shine as a nightstand in my cramped bedroom. And regardless of cost, each and every piece at WorkOf is one that will last long enough that you can watch it grow ever more beautiful with age!

modern craftsman style via anne sage

Shopping Guide: Concrete Hanging Planter, Colorful Quilt, Wood Stool, Glass and Wood Coffee Table, Brass Sconce. P.S. More handmade goodies for the home from Aheirloom, Rebecca Atwood, and Local + Lejos! Images: 1. And North 2. Monica Wang Photography 3. Vogue